some of my personal favourites

Welcome to my gallery where you can flick through some of my personal favourites. All pieces here have found homes but if you would like to see what I have available for adoption just check me up on Social Media (links below) or pop me a message and we'll have a chat.

I work totally free hand without any patterns so every piece is totally unique and since my work motto is "I make what I want" I never back away from an unusual idea. Sometimes an idea can totally take over my head and the only way to get it out is to make it, like an exorcism. I work with unbleached cotton and stuffing, stitch sculpting each sculptures character by hand. I usually use glass eyes or I cast resin eyes and paint with glass paints. I paint my sculptures with watery layers of textile paint to build up depth and often finish with flecks of gold or silver leaf. 

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