Artivism for our Wildlife

_A_ is for Aardvark



Unusual and fascinating, the Aardvark is a nocturnal, burrowing mammal, native to Africa. They are insectivores eating almost exclusively ants and termites and need to cover large areas to find enough food.


In January 2019 I set myself the epic challenge of creating 26 Hanging by a Thread sculptures depicting unusual, vulnerable or endangered animals. One for each letter of the alphabet. I wanted to do this as a sponsored challenge in aid of WWF UK to support their great work to protect our priceless wildlife. I created what inspired me and not in alphabetical order and posted my progress on Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to donate and to inspire people to find out more about the animals and all the different threats they're facing. We are at a turning point and the future of our planet has never been so vulnerable. Of course we need our politicians and people in power to turn away from greed and towards sustainability but we all also need to make many small changes to our every day lives. 

Each piece is handmade by me out of unbleached cotton. They are painted with several layers of textile paint and have hand knitted jumpers. As I cut without patterns they are different in size, ranging from 30cm to 85cm but all very much made with love.